Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finally Finished

As of a little bit past 5:00 AM, yesterday morning, I finished a free-form crochet project that I started 2 years ago.

While working nights is a bitch, it's saving grace is that it gives me plenty of time to work on my crochet.

Thus, I finished this afghan in far less time than I expected.

Once we get some more money (seeing that I exhausted our funds from paying bills this morning) I'll be sending this one-of-kind afghan to Neil's mother in Mattapoisett. After all, it was meant as a Christmas present 2 winters ago.


Perry said...


Leslie Sirag said...

Love it!

Patrice said...
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Patrice said...

That's weird. I signed in to post this comment:

"That's incredible! How did you do it -- patchwork or one big scrumble?"

... but this other comment with my name attached to it showed up. I didn't say "Great work ...." Don't know where it came from. Weird!

The Sunroom said...

Absolutely Heaveny - what a great job :-)

Speechless said...

Wow Neringa, you are as original and creative as ever -- I recall your creativity from your Marlboro days. I better your mother in law was delighted. Even if it's been a while, I'll bet she shows it to her friends with delight. Bravo.