Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fun At the Antique Mall of Lubbock

While on our way to get groceries at Sam's Club, Ariana and I decided to check out the Antique Mall of Lubbock.

It was a HUGE place - larger than a football field.

So many goodies to look at . . .

. . . and have fun with.

The silliness began when we came upon these vintage hats.

Here's Ariana as a Harley-Davidson bride.

And here she's pimped out in a fur coat and a wide-brimmed green hat.

The full pimped-out effect.

Waiting for the tea party to start.

A Geisha girl in a blue kimono.

Getting ready to do some calf roping. After all, we're in Texas!

Hope it's not hunting season.

Drinking some deadly brew.

A cool devilish mask.

On the lookout for enemy troops.

"I love you."



Ships ahoy!

Hey! Where's the rest of the mariachi band?

Getting branded.

The best find of the day - a big-ass custom-made ring that's the size of a small egg. (Hope I can get it sized to fit.)

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